Bangkok Cafes With Free Wifi

Looking for a Bangkok cafe with decent coffee and free wifi? Chieng Fa website is making a good job of reviewing new arrivals on the Bangkok coffee scene for you to get wired both ways.

A cafe latte at Bitter Brown arrives with a smile
A cafe latte at Bitter Brown arrives with a smile

A cafe latte at Bitter Brown arrives with a smile

A while ago I published a list of Bangkok pubs and cafes with free wifi. (Oh ok, it was mainly pubs). Things have progressed quite a lot since then, and free wifi is available far more widely in Bangkok – but it’s still a case of knowing where to look. Starbucks, incidentally, still charges for wifi access in Thailand – it’s a good, strong connection (by Bangkok standards) so if you really need to get stuff done, it’s worth considering for short term use. McDonalds also has free wifi in most locations as does Black Canyon Coffee, although it can be a crapshoot getting and maintaining a connection.

However, there are numerous cafes in Bangkok now, especially around the Sukhumvit area, that offer free wifi. Finding one with that achieves the Holy Trinity of decent coffee, good food and a decent, stable wifi connection is a matter of taste, but my friend Michael Holland has put together a great list of Bangkok cafes with free wifi, complete with photos and reviews of the coffee and food, at his site Chieng Fa. This list also has some nifty restaurant reviews too – look at the drop down menu at the top of the page.

I am still fond of Bitter Brown which is still going strong – the food is a little pricey, but the coffee and wifi is excellent, although there’s no power points so make sure you charge up your laptop before visiting.

If you’ve got any personal favourites for Bangkok cafes with free wifi, please share in the Comments. Thanks!

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  1. love the smiley face on your latte! never seen with the glasses before, made special for travelhappy? :-) whoever made it, he/she is great!

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