Bangkok Airport Protests – Airport To Re-Open November 29th

UPDATE – Bangkok Airport to reopen 4th December. Nov 27: At the end of the second day of protests at Bangkok Airport, a State of Emergency has been declared and it looks like the protesters will be removed, by force if necessary, by the police overnight.

UPDATE Nov 30: Bangkok Airport still remains closed, despite previous claims that it would re-open on Nov 29. See this post for the latest infromation

Both Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang Airport in Bangkok have been shut down for the last two days by political protesters. This evening The Nation newspaper’s Breaking News section on its website reveals that a State Of Emergency has been declared in order to allow the police to move in and remove the protesters from the airports. No action has been taken as of this writing, but it’s likely to happen tonight.

Suvarnabhumi Airport is meant to re-open on November 29th and Don Muang on 28th, according to Airports of Thailand Acting President Serirat Prasutanond, as reported by The Nation. Whether this will actually happen obviously remains to be seen.

See my previous post on Bangkok Airport Updates for how to get the latest status updates on what’s happening at the airport, and if you are contemplating coming to Thailand but are put off by this chaos, have a read of Travelfish’s How to plan around Thailand’s civil unrest which gives some much needed perspective.


  1. Have been following the story with interest as I am in Thailand. I have heard though that it could still take up to another week for the airport to start functioning again after the protest ends.

  2. Bangkok airport is still under seige though right? Any sign of cargo being re-directed or permitted to fly?

  3. Hi Mark, yes, the airport is still closed as of November 30th. I’ve updated the post to show that. Still no clear indication of when it will open again or when cargo will be sent on.

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