Whale Watching In Bangkok

It’s hard to believe, but there are whales living in the waters off Bangkok, and you can spend the day whale watching in one of the city’s most surreal experiences.

Where To Watch The World Cup In Bangkok

There may be a curfew in Bangkok and ungodly kick-off times, but there’s still a few places to see the beginning of World Cup 2014

Bangkok Guide: 55 Tips To Help You The First Time You Travel To Thailand

If you’re travelling to Thailand for the first time, you’ll probably arrive and stay in Bangkok to begin with. Here’s a collection of useful Travelhappy links that will help you get the most out of Thailand’s amazing capital city.

Thailand Backpacking: A Quick Guide

Interested in backpacking in Thailand but not sure where to start? Here’s a quick run down of ideas of what to see and do while you’re in this spectacular country

How To Get A Vietnam Visa In Bangkok

You need a visa to enter Vietnam before you travel to the country. It’s easy to organise a Vietnam visa in Bangkok if you know where to go.

How To Get A Transfer Between The Two Bangkok Airports

From October 1st 2012 AirAsia will only be arriving and departing from the old Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, not from the new Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. Here are the details on the shuttle service to transfer from one Bangkok airport to the other

Eating Thai Food – Where To Find 3 Of Bangkok’s Best Street Food Restaurants

Eating Thai Food is a comprehensive ebook guide to finding the tastiest dishes Thailand has to offer at Bangkok’s best street food vendors. Mark Wiens gives you an intro into how to quickly arrive at Thai eating nirvana

Royal Barges Procession, Bangkok

The Royal Barges Procession brings the normally bustling Chao Phraya river to a standstill as stunningly beautiful boats built by Thailand’s Kings over the last three centuries sail in formation through the heart of the city.

Things To Do In Bangkok – The Video

There are so many things to do in Bangkok that the choice can be bewildering – but one Bangkok blogger has made an excellent short video showcasing some of the city’s key sights and less obvious attractions

David Beckham Temple In Bangkok: Where To Find It And What It Looks Like

There’s a Buddhist temple in Bangkok that has a golden statue of David Beckham himself built into its altar. Here’s a guide of how to find the temple (Wat Pariwas) and how to find Mr Beckham’s holy image when you get there

Royal Barges Museum, Bangkok

Each November there is a spectacular procession of intricate and ornate Royal Barges on Bangkok’s Chao Phraya river. But you can see the Royal Barges any time of the year at Bangkok’s Royal Barges Museum.

Bangkok Tree House – The Back To Nature Boutique Hotel

A luxury nature retreat in the middle of the city, Bangkok Tree House is an ambitious attempt to integrate a purpose-built hotel resort into its river and jungle surroundings

Things To Do In Bangkok: The Grand Palace

One of the most spectacular sights in all of South East Asia, the Grand Palace is the awe-inspiring seat of both royal and religious power in Thailand

Things To Do In Bangkok: Longtail Boat Canal Klong Tour

See why Bangkok used to be called “the Venice of the East” by exploring its canals and the communities that still live on them, right in the heart of the modern metropolis

Things To Do In Bangkok: The Reclining Buddha of Wat Po

Home to the enormous Reclining Buddha and Thailand’s most venerable massage school, Wat Po is a spectacular temple with tranquil grounds that provide a great retreat from city life