Angkor, Bagan, Sukhothai: Part 2: Angkor

The rise and fall of the Angkor Empire was ironically brought about by the very grandeur of the spectacular temples it created

Angkor: Essential Temples To See

Angkor has scores of awe inspiring temples to visit – here are five of those that you really shouldn’t miss

Angkor Wat From Bangkok

Getting to the ancient temples of Angkor is easy from Bangkok, allowing you to see the temples in a couple of days

Angkor Wat, Cambodia: A Brief Guide

I’ve been to Angkor Wat twice now. The first time was as a backpacker a couple of years ago, and then more recently in October 2005, when I returned to see Cambodia’s awe-inspiring ancient temples with my parents.

How Much Money Do I Need For Cambodia?

Cambodia is cheap, but you still need to budget if you want to see the dreaming spires of Angkor Wat and explore the country’s amazing countryside. Don Morgan breaks down the day to day costs of backpacking in Cambodia

Angkor Wat hotels: FCC Angkor

After a long, hot day of touring the spectacular temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Foreign Correspondent’s Club provides a glorious retreat for tired travellers to relax and contemplate Angkor’s ancient wonders.

Beng Mealea – The Lost Temple Of Angkor

Sixty kilometres from the heart of the Angkor empire in Cambodia lies the ruined temple of Beng Mealea, almost the same size as Angkor Wat but reclaimed by nature a millennium after it was first built

Phnom Penh, Cambodia: The Ghost City Come Back To Life

Phnom Penh has survived the darkest years of its country’s history and its own near-destruction to become a city of life once again.

The 240 Hotel, Phnom Penh – A Review

One of the new breed of boutique hotels in Phnom Penh, the 240 offers great rooms, helpful staff, free wifi and a decent cafe right on the premises, all within one of Phnom Penh’s most picturesque areas

How To Get An iPhone Sim Card At Phnom Penh Airport

Its incredibly easy – and incredibly cheap – to get a local sim card for your iPhone or Android phone at Phnom Penh airport: here’s how.

Angkor Wat History Crash Course – One Hour TV Documentary

If you’re going to see Angkor Wat, the world’s largest religious complex and the jewel of South East Asia, you’ll get a lot more out of it if you know a little bit of the history. The History Channel’s Angkor Wat documentary is currently on YouTube

Angkor Wat, Cambodia: A Brief Guide: part 2

The key to getting a full day out of the temples is getting up early in the morning. This isn’t just to make the most of the day, but more to beat the heat and to beat the crowds too.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia: A Brief Guide: part 3

The following morning we headed out again at 7am to Kbal Spean, an hour’s drive away from Siem Reap, the town nearest to Angkor. The main reason I wanted to take my parents to Kbal Spean wasn’t so much to see the ancient monuments there, but more for the drive through the Cambodian countryside.

ARTillery Arts Cafe, Phnom Penh – A Quick Review

There’s been plenty of good things written about the new ARTillery Arts Cafe in Phnom Penh. The only problem is – how to find it?

Bootleg Books in Cambodia and Vietnam

Book piracy is big business in South East Asia, with an eclectic range of counterfeit novels, travel guides and history books all on offer to backpackers looking for an illicit bargain

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