China Travel Tips To Avoid Cultural Confusion And Calamity

Qin and Larry Herzberg recently published the China Survival Guide, a brief but packed small book on how to quickly understand Chinese culture and avoid making mortifying mistakes. They give Travelhappy their Top 10 Tips for travelling in China

In Search of JG Ballard’s Shanghai

The British writer JG Ballard grew up in pre-war Shanghai and described it vividly in his award-winning, Spielberg-movie-adapted novel Empire Of The Sun. On my recent visit to one of China’s most dynamic cities, I went looking for what’s left of Ballard’s Shanghai.

The Dragon’s Pearl: Growing Up Among Mao’s Reclusive Circle by Sirin Pathanothai

The Dragon’s Pearl is Sirin’s autobiographical account of the 17 years she spent in China, and why her father, and the then-Thai prime minister Pibul Songkram, sent Wan and Sirin to live there in 1956.

How To Get A Chinese Visa In Bangkok

Getting a Chinese visa in Bangkok is relatively straightforward if you only want a 30 day tourist visa – and you know where to find the visa section, because it’s not in the Chinese Embassy

Beijing’s Summer Palace in Winter

One of China’s greatest historical treasures is the magnificent Summer Palace in Beijing. If you go in the depths of winter, you’re in for a big surprise…

Engrish from China, Borneo and Thailand

Here are some vintage Engrish and funny sign photos from my travels around China, Borneo and Thailand. Some of them have appeared on Travelhappy before but got lost in a software meltdown. Here they are restored in all their glory.

Lost On Planet China – J. Maarten Troost

The author of The Sex Lives Of Cannibals and Getting Stoned With Savages turns his attention to China in his forthcoming book

Hong Kong Shopping – Photo Friday

Travelhappy presents a new travel photo every Friday – Amazing Asian people, places and sometimes just amusingly puerile.

Cheap Flights From Bangkok to Hong Kong

There’s still no budget carrier flights between Bangkok and Hong Kong, but Emirates have very reasonably priced flights between the two cities

iPod in Hong Kong – How Much Do They Cost?

Hong Kong is reknown as a mecca for electronics bargains, but can its savvy traders offer a better price on the iPod than anywhere else?

Holy Hong Kong, Batman!

Filming for the new Batman movie is taking place on location in Hong Kong this weekend – and I’m hoping I’ll get to see some of the action while I’m there visiting friends

JG Ballard’s Shanghai

JG Ballard is the author of Empire Of The Sun, a quasi-autobiographical novel about growing up in 1930s Shanghai and then living in an internment camp after the Japanese invaded during World War II. Rick McGrath discovered that Ballard’s childhood home still exists amongst the never-ending reconstruction of Shanghai and recently travelled halfway around the […]

Chinese Tattoos Gone Bad: Engrish In Reverse

Thinking of getting a Chinese tattoo? Be very, very careful of what the Chinese characters say (rather than what you think they say) before you commit them to your skin to avoid unintentional hilarity amongst Chinese readers

February Flowers – Fan Wu

Fan Wu’s debut novel February Flowers is a deeply compelling coming of age story, centred around two female university students in Guangzhou, China.

Singapore to Phuket, Krabi and Bangkok Flights For 60 Baht With Tiger Airways

Singapore’s Tiger Airways are having an Early Bird Saver sale, which means you can fly from Singapore to Bangkok, Krabi and Phuket for 60 Baht each way, plus tax – and they also have bargain flights to Vietnam, Australia, China and the Philippines

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