Cheap Flights From Bangkok to Hong Kong

There’s still no budget carrier flights between Bangkok and Hong Kong, but Emirates have very reasonably priced flights between the two cities

AirAsia have long been promising to start a budget flight route between Bangkok and Hong Kong, but it’s still yet to happen. (UPDATE: Air Asia now fly daily between Bangkok and Hong Kong, but are still quite expensive – check on Skyscanner to compare Air Asia prices with other airlines). Getting between the two cities is still quite expensive, except for a reasonably priced flight with Emirates. If you look on Kayak you can compare different airlines’ prices and you’ll see that Emirates is always the cheapest option between Bangkok and Hong Kong.

However, as I’ve written before in my tips on where to find cheap international flights online, Kayak is a good place to start but you should always check other sources too. In this case I went to the Emirates website and found that they were offering the same flight on the same days for 7400 baht including all taxes, which was around 90 dollars less than the best price Kayak could find.

7400 Baht is not super cheap, but it’s reasonable. A budget flight from Bangkok to Singapore with AirAsia or Tiger Airways will cost around 5500 Baht, for example, which is $60 cheaper but Singapore is only a 2 hour rather than 3 hour flight from Bangkok.

I think these Emirates flights are so cheap because Emirates use Bangkok as a stopover en route to Dubai, so for this leg of the journey they need to fill up the seats. Emirates are one of the better airlines so it’s a pretty comfortable flight with full cabin service. I’ll be interested to see if AirAsia manage to launch their Bangkok to Hong Kong route and if they can make it much cheaper.

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  1. Can’t you fly this route with Orient Thai? I mean, sure, you’ll get a bravery badge for even stepping onboard one of their Tristars, but I believe their 747s are slightly less ancient…

    There’s also Hong Kong Express, but their website doesn’t mention minor points like prices…

  2. Good points both and you’re right. Although good luck actually trying to book the Orient Thai BKK to HKG flights through their website. quotes the price as 4000 Baht return but it’s ambiguous if that includes taxes.

    You’re meant to go to their other site to make the booking
    but although it gives the international timetable, I cannot find anywhere on the site you can actually book an international flight – the drop down menus only let you select domestic destinations.

    If they can’t even get the website to work, it doesn’t bode well for the planes, does it?

  3. Tiger airways fly between Bangkok and Macau/Schenzen, and then you are right next door to Hong Kong (by boat or train).

  4. I use Sri Lankan Airlines from HKG-BKK, £107 RETURN!!!!!!! used them twice and they fly 6 times a week

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