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Looking for a serviced apartment in Hong Kong with a decent internet connection that doesn’t cost a fortune? W Studios might be the answer.

Given that Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live, I’d always assumed finding an affordable, decently equipped apartment to rent in a central location (either on Hong Kong island itself or Kowloon) would be next to impossible. I classify cheap for Hong Kong as under $700 US a month, which is still quite expensive for other cities in Asia (except Singapore) but is definitely on the low side when it comes to Hong Kong rents. (By way of comparison, see my review of the Hong Kong Harbourview Hotel which is a YMCA affiliate and still costs around $80 US a night). For that money, you’re looking at a Western style apartment that’s well maintained.

While searching around I found the website for W Studios. I should stress that I have not visited W Studios so I have not seen it first hand, but from the website I was quite impressed with the concept – very small apartments at reasonable prices near to Hong Kong MRT or tram stations, with broadband internet and regular cleaning. Their current prices are

• Lite HKD$5000 ~150 sq.ft. – approx $650 US a month
• Standard HKD$6500 ~200 sq.ft. – approx $840 US a month
• Superior HKD$8000 ~240 to 270 sq.ft. – approx $1035 US a month
• Superior Plus HKD$10000 ~300 to 320 sq.ft. – approx $1300 US a month

As somewhere to live permanently it’s probably not ideal, but as a base for travellers for a couple of months if you’re out and about all the time and travelling around the region it could work very well. For Location Independent professionals needing a decent internet connection in their own living space, it could be a godsend.

If anyone has stayed at W Studios in Hong Kong, I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts about it and whether it’s as good as it sounds from the website.

You can also find cheap flights from Bangkok to Hong Kong if you’re looking to save more money.

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  1. Arlene Bray says:

    Hi Im trying to open the site W Studios but it wont come out….Me and my husband are going to stay in HK for 2 years and we want a furnished cheap apartment rentals. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Hi Arlene – sorry, I don’t live in HK so hard to say. I’d suggest looking on Craigslist to get an idea of the prices (altho they can be quite inflated as they target foreigners) and then getting some short term accommodation when you first arrive so you can talk to some HK estate agents to find a long term place.

  3. Arlene Bray says:

    thanks Chris for the quick response. I will try to check it out.

  4. the link for W Studios is by the way – just fixed it – something went wonky since I wrote the story originally. Hope it helps

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