Price Of A Taxi From Bangkok Airport to Khao San Road

How much does a taxi cost from Bangkok’s international Suvarnabhumi Airport to Khao San Road? And is it really better value to catch the airport bus? Here’s some answers.

To get a taxi from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport to Khao San Road will cost you around 315 to 365 Thai Baht. That’s about 5 UKP or $10 USD. The prices breaks down like this – 200 to 250 Baht for the amount shown on the meter, depending on traffic + 50 Baht Airport Surcharge + 65 Baht for tollway charges. That adds up to between 315 and 365 Baht.

The taxi driver might pay the tolls for you and then expect you to pay him back at the end, or he might ask you for the money as you come to the tollgates. I find it easier to actively offer the driver the tollway money as you leave the airport – that way there’s no confusion. It’s possible to go into Bangkok without using the tollway, but it can take a lot longer and so add more onto the meter anyway.

By comparison, the Bangkok airport bus is 150 Baht and is a lot slower. If there’s more than one of you, the taxi is definitely the better choice. If you choose to take the Airport Bus, you need AE-2 which goes to Banglampu – this is the Bangkok district in which you’ll find Khao San Road.

The airport bus pulls up directly opposite the Sawadee Khaosan hotel. Khao San Road itself is literally just around the corner.

Finding the taxi rank at Bangkok Airport
When you first walk out of the Arrivals Hall, make an immediate right turn and walk out of the terminal at the first set of open doors you see. You should see a sign to the Public Taxi area straight in front of you – the Public Taxi booth is a bit more to the right. There is typically a queue where a dispatcher asks your destination, hands you a chit of paper with the taxi’s details and assigns a driver to you. It’s worth stating your destination again to the driver direct once you get in the taxi.

Make sure you politely ignore everyone who asks you if you want a taxi on the way to the taxi stand. These touts will try to sell you a “taxi limousine” service which is twice the price of the public taxis.


  1. thanks for the info! im just about to board a flight to bangkok so this is great into for a bangkok newbie. hopefully i dont get ripped off by a tout!

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