Travelfish Guides: Phi Phi, Phuket, Angkor Wat and Vientiane

Fed up with lugging around heavy, out of date guidebooks? Get the essential facts in Travelfish’s small but perfectly formed Guides – 12 pages packed with the latest info that you can print out or browse online

A couple of months ago the excellent Travelfish website launched their Travelfish Guides – 12 page PDF documents on specific destinations that give you everything you need to know while being bang up to date. Lonely Planet, Rough Guide et al are great at what they do, but the Net has made us want stuff more tailored to what we’re doing rather than lugging around a book of which 70 per cent is irrelevant to us. The speed of change in many travel destinations is also hard for guidebooks to keep up with – it’s simply not economic to print a new guide each year.

Where Travelfish guides excel are by concentrating on an individual destination and then giving you a concise rundown of what you can do and see, where you can stay and eat, and how you can get in and out, complete with maps. At around 20,000 words within 12 pages, it is condensed goodness – Travelfish gets straight to the point, which is what you need when you turn up somewhere new.

The Guides are physically presented as a PDF document – when you buy a guide, you get sent the document. From there you can read it on screen and print it out to take with you on the road. Much of the information is taken from Travelfish’s site, and your paying your money here for not only the expertise of the info but the convenience of having it all in one handy place rather than having to spend hours on the Net researching it for yourself.

The first four guides Travelfish have launched are for Angkor Wat and the nearby town of Siem Reap in Cambodia, Vientiane, the sleepy capital of Laos, as well as Koh Phi Phi and Phuket in Thailand.

Each guide is priced at a giveaway price of $2.95, except Phuket, which is $3.95. You can buy them online direct at Travelfish.

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