Travel Blogs: Finding Travel Information And Inspiration

There are some great travel blogs online that are providing both inspiration and information for your travels in Asia and Australia. It’s great to see this part of the world getting more and more coverage

Recently I’ve been playing around with, which lets people who own blogs on similar subjects easily find each other and exchange ideas and opinions. MyBlogLog has had a few teething problems with spammers and the like, but it’s still going strong and for me, it’s proven to be a really useful way of finding other travel blogs but also be able to talk to the people behind them.

I’ve mentioned Through The Lens before, with its great write up of Racha Island as a honeymoon getaway, and Jas was the first person to contact me and help me understand how the whole MyBlogLog thing worked, so kudos to her!

Subsequently I’ve discovered Nomad4Ever, run by a German guy who’s also called Chris and is currently residing in Bali and has a lot of useful from his travels in South East Asia.

There’s also Ubertramp, who has some very well written practical advice and tips on packing for a big trip and also securing your belonging while travelling, which is probably the number one thing people worry about before they actually go travelling. These tips can definitely provide some peace of mind. is Dave’s extremely well-organised attempt to document his round the world travels – he’s been writing the blog for a while and he’s not even left home yet! This is actually a great approach to writing a travel blog that you want to be a journal of your time travelling – if you’re serious about it, you should set up your travel blog and start writing on it a couple of months before you go, so that you iron out any technical glitches and get used to the rhythm of posting. You can also make some good pocket money from travel blogging too, which I’ll be posting about later this week.

Boris writes, and it turns out he’s a scuba diving instructor like me and has spent time working in Indonesia and also Koh Lanta, one of my favourite places in Thailand which has spectacular diving. (Follow the Koh Lanta link for my article for Asian Diver magazine about seeing 5 manta rays and a whale shark – in one dive!)

The final blog I’ll mention in this round up is TravMonkey, about one British guy’s arrival in Australia after backpacking through South East Asia. Currently Paul is welded to his brother’s sofa in Brisbane and is relying on his blog’s readership to vote on whether he should go to Sydney or Melbourne to find work. There’s no contest – it’s got to be Melbourne.

Paul also wrote a wonderfully snotty article about why you shouldn’t take your laptop travelling, which is a good counterpoint to my own Seven Tips For Taking A Laptop Travelling.

If you’ve got a travel blog, let me know by leaving a comment below. It’ll help if the blog’s got something to do with Asia or Australia, but if it’s interesting I’ll read anything.


  1. Hey, Chris, I just discovered the Travel Happy blog and figured I’d drop you a line. I subscribe (via RSS) to all of the travel blogs you mention above so we must have something in common.

    Keep up the great articles – I’ve added your site to Google Reader as well.

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