iPod in Hong Kong – How Much Do They Cost?

Hong Kong is reknown as a mecca for electronics bargains, but can its savvy traders offer a better price on the iPod than anywhere else?

The short answer is – if you’re from the UK, yes the iPod Touch is much cheaper in Hong Kong. If you’re from the US, it’s cheaper to buy it at home. The iPod prices in Hong Kong are much better than the iPod prices in Thailand, but still not as good as buying iPods on Ebay. (Scroll down for current Ebay iPod auctions).

Hong Kong’s Apple Store currently lists the 16 GB iPod Touch for $HK 3200, which is around $412 US. That’s 13 dollars more than the $399 Amazon.com price for the 16 GB iPod Touch.

However, the Hong Kong price is much cheaper than the Amazon.co.uk iPod Touch price of £263, which is an outrageous $US 548! That’s $148 more than the USA price, or one third more expensive. I know the US Dollar is currently very weak against the Pound, but even so, that sort of price discrepancy is unforgivable.

Therefore, if you want a cheap iPod, buy it in the USA or in Hong Kong.

Because Apple exclusively manufactures all its own products, it’s able to keep a tight rein on prices worldwide. When I bought my last iPod in Singapore several years ago, it was a little cheaper than the US price but not much – the suppliers simply don’t have any margin on which to discount.

That said, when I go to Hong Kong this weekend, I’ll be keeping an eye out to see if any of Hong Kong’s traders can beat the official Apple Store price of $HK 3200.

Find iPod Touch at cheap prices on Ebay.

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  1. The prices of Apple products in electronics store pretty much follows the price as in Apple Store.

    Actually when I think about it, I don’t think I have seen any store selling iPods or Macs at a cheaper price in Apple Store. (They may throw in some accessories as free gifts though)

    Enjoy your stay here in HK!

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