New Budget Flights From Bangkok To Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

More cheap flight options for backpackers as Nok Air announces flights from Bangkok to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

There are several cheap ways to fly from Bangkok to Hanoi now, with AirAsia dominating the route. Kayak provides a good comparision of the different flights between Thailand and Vietnam from mainstream air carriers.

I also definitely recommend the Hanoi Elegance 4 Hotel in Hanoi if you’re looking for somewhere quiet and spotlessly clean – check out my Hanoi Elegance review with lots of photos. You can also find Hanoi hotel special deals at Agoda – this page is continually updated with Hanoi hotels giving big discounts and free nights.

AirAsia have been offering very cheap fares between Bangkok and Hanoi for the last couple of years – typically 1000 Baht each way excluding tax – while Bangkok Airways recently started flying to Ho Chi Minh City from the Thai capital, as I wrote about previously.

AirAsia also fly from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City as well.

It’s all good news for backpackers, letting them hop around South East Asia with a few well chosen flights that won’t break the travel budget. There’s plenty of Hanoi hotels and Saigon hotels to choose from too.

Vietnam is definitely worth exploring from Thailand if you have the time – Hanoi is one of my favourite cities in the world thanks to its great food, romantic atmosphere and the fascinating bustle of the Old Quarter, while Hoi An is a beautiful little artisan river town which is like stepping back in time – and where you can also get great tailor made clothes, shoes and bags. Nha Trang is a fun beach town, with some enjoyable scuba diving and a big beach.


  1. It’s about 10’000 baht now!

  2. trying to find cheap flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. Any idea?

  3. Did you try JetStar Vietnam for cheap flights within Vietnam?

  4. I´ve found great information in this site. Suggestions on
    travelling from Thailand to Cambodia and Vietnam? Is it better /
    cheaper to do it by land or by plane? I have just a few days to
    visit each country, so I don´t want to spend half of the time in a
    bus or train.

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