Engrish Tshirt Fun

Giant French supermarket Carrefour also has a big presence in Thailand – and their tshirt selection has some interesting items that might cause raised eyebrows back in the home country…

I spotted these brilliant examples of Engrish tshirts recently on a trip to my local Carrefour supermarket, the international French retail giant. It’s truly a sight to behold – stacks and stacks of carefully laid out tshirts that are spectacularly, wonderfully wrong in their use of English. Now I go back every month just to see if they’ve produced any new ones as fine as this batch.

Engrish Tshirt - Serial F*cker
I find it hard to believe this got through the entire buying and manufacturing process with no-one knowing what it meant…

Engrish Tshirt - Jane Dean
The most mangled Engrish ever – “I [heart] Beach Jame Dean Love You Summer In You Holiday”

Engrish Tshirt  - Blow Pop
This is pleasingly random. I’d actually wear it if I could find one that would fit my fat guts

Engrish Tshirt  - New York Gangster
One mean Gangter. Oh yeah.

Engrish Tshirt  - American Davil
“American Davil. Never Died” – this got a bit screwed up resolution wise

Engrish Tshirt  - Twoshits
I couldn’t give…

Engrish - Arrogant Bear
Bonus pic: this is one of my all time favourite Engrish items – the Arrogant Bear pencil case!


  1. haha great pics :)

  2. I saw my favorite in Tokyo a few years ago. ‘Captain Shitman Fan Club!’

    Now, if only I could remember who Captain Shitman is.

  3. Pepe Perez says:

    Re: The first t-shirt (serial fucker)
    Judging by the outline of a naked girl next to the text, I’d say that they knew exactly what it meant.

  4. someone please tell me where I can purchase these shirts. These are priceless.

    where to buy them?

  5. Someone should send the “Arrogant Bear Club” to Stephen Colbert.


  6. h. lemoore says:

    luv the “twoshit” one – was in new mexico at a tiki event and saw a gucci brand shirt written “goo-chee”.
    And then my favorite t-shirt i always wear says hanford lemoore is glen shannon.
    post more t-shirts if you have them!

  7. BAHAH! HTF I got to this post from an article about closures, I’ll never know.

  8. Marc Country says:

    Yeah, what the hell makes “serial fucker” an example of ‘engrish’, exactly?

  9. @choochy – you can buy them if you come right now to Bangkok Carrefour on Rama IV Road! They tend to sell out fast and get new designs in every couple of months.

    @Joe – is there a deeper significance about Arrogant Bear Club with regard to The Colbert that I’m missing

  10. I guess they wouldn’t be as funny if things were spelled correctly… hehehe

  11. can u order these online?

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