Snapshot: Larb Todt I Love You

Snapshot: Orval Trappist Beer. Noice.

Snapshot: I Wonder How Much This Beer Sells On The Name Alone

Snapshot: A Bit Leffe Field

Snapshot: My collection of Thai sharksplotation movies grows one bigger

Snapshot: Levi's 3D Butt Jeans Advert On The Bangkok Subway

Snapshot: Angry Birds Credit Cards On The Bangkok Subway

Snapshot: One of my favourite pubs in Brighton – from summer 2011 trip

How To Get A Thai SIM Card For Your iPhone

If you bring your iPhone to Thailand, it’s fairly easy to buy a local SIM card and get super cheap internet access through your iPhone without costly data roaming fees

Want To Be A Travel Writer? Here’s Your Perfect Opportunity

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a travel writer but don’t know where to start, the 2012 World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship is pretty much the perfect opportunity to actually make the idea become real.

Phuket Airport Hotel Required? Head To Nai Yang Beach

Need a Phuket Airport Hotel for an early start? You can stay directly on Nai Yang beach and still be at Phuket Airport within 10 minutes taxi ride.

Temple Of A Million Beer Bottles

Wat Lan Khaud, the Temple Of A Million Beer Bottles, really does exist – a Thai Buddhist Temple built from 1.5 million empty beer bottles.

Snapshot: Best Thai-English Bilingual Punning Shop Name Ever, Koh Lanta

Snapshot: Sunset, Klong Dao Beach, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Snapshot: Carrot Cake at Anotai restaurant, Bangkok