How Much Money Do I Need For Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has it all – heavenly food, high-octane nightlife, striking architecture and top shopping all laced with heaps of culture and tradition. There are plenty of ways to spend a fortune, but Lee Cobaj explains how Hong Kong doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive

No Indonesia Visa Required For Citizens Of 45 Countries

The Indonesian Government recently announced citizens of forty five countries no longer need a tourist visa to enter Indonesia.

12 Years Of Travel: Perhentian Kecil Beach, Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands are a backpacker haven with great beaches and cheap scuba diving Perhentian Kecil Beach, Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

No Vietnam Visa Required For Citizens Of Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain

From July 2015, you don’t need to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam if you’re a citizen from Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain

12 Years Of Travel: Bangkok Canal Bike Ride

One of the best ways to see everyday Bangkok is to take a bike ride into the sprawling suburbs Bangkok Canal Bike Ride

12 Years Of Travel: Thames Barrier, Greenwich, London

London is steeped in history, but it’s also shaping the future of how we control the landscape Thames Barrier, Greenwich, London

12 Years Of Travel: View From Cortona, Italy

Famous as the backdrop for the 2003 movie Under The Tuscan Sun, Cortona is a stunning medieval town perched above the surrounding countryside

12 Years Of Travel: Jawfish With Eggs, Derawan, Indonesia

Indonesian Borneo has several islands with some great scuba diving – there are plenty of surprises waiting underwater

12 Years Of Travel: Newquay Cliffs, Cornwall, UK

Famous for its burgeoning surfing scene, Newquay also has some stunningly beautiful scenic walks along its cliffs too.

12 Years Of Travel: To The Lighthouse, Exmouth, Australia

The tiny town of Exmouth in West Australia is most famous for being the home of whale sharks, but the surrounding bush country is just as rewarding

12 Years Of Travel: Port Eliot, Cornwall, UK

Living abroad means being a tourist in your own country when you go home – and seeing everything again with new eyes

12 Years Of Travel: Banda Islands, Indonesia

It’s hard to imagine the sleepy Banda Islands were once the cause of decades of bloody conflict between warring colonial nations

12 Years Of Travel: Model Shoot, Bangkok, Thailand

Mastering taking photos of fish underwater is one thing – trying to take decent portraits of people on land is quite another

Kuda Giri Shipwreck, South Male Atoll, Maldives

A nameless boat lies at the bottom of the ocean making a new home for hundreds of fish Kuda Giri Shipwreck, Maldives

12 Years Of Travel: Angry Whopper, Singapore

A classic moment of travel WTF Angry Whopper, Singapore

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