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TravelHappy is a personal guide to travelling in Thailand and South East Asia written by me, Chris Mitchell. You can connect with me through Twitter (I’m @travelhappy) or in the comments section below. Twitter in particular is one of my favourite ways of meeting new people.

I’m an experienced British freelance writer (15+ years) and I’ve been living in Bangkok, Thailand since 2004. Currently I write mainly for scuba diving magazines. (I also publish TravelHappy’s sister site DiveHappy.com, my personal guide to the best scuba diving in South East Asia). A book I’ve co-authored with my friend Jez Tryner, Thailand’s Underwater World, was published in late 2011 by Marshall Cavendish. (Jez did the eyepopping photos – I did the text and came up with the general concept of the book, which is designed to appeal to divers and non-divers alike).

EZ Dive Magazine - Pearls Of Borneo article

EZ Dive Magazine – Pearls Of Borneo article. See full story and pix at DiveHappy.com

TravelHappy originally began as a way for me to pass on useful information about travelling in Thailand and Asia generally, so the site is a somewhat undisciplined mix of the practical and the personal. It’s definitely not a comprehensive guide – a guidebook is still your best bet for that. The focus is very much on Bangkok, where I live, and Thailand, but I try to find something worthwhile to highlight when I go elsewhere too. I still travel frequently within Asia, usually on short trips every couple of months.

Besides scuba diving, my other main motivations for travel are history – I love exploring ancient ruins and monuments (like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Sukhothai in Thailand and Petra in Jordan) – taking photos, and meeting new people. Getting to write a story like Angkor, Bagan, Sukhothai: The Legacy for Asian Geographic magazine was my idea of travel-geek-research bliss.

Asian Geographic: The Legacy

As well as running my websites, I’m a former Field Editor for Scuba Diver AustralAsia magazine and a regular contributor to Sport Diver magazine. I’ve also written for Asian Diver, Scuba Diving, EZ Dive and Underwater Photography magazines, as well as CNNGo.com and Fah Thai and Tiger Tales in-flight magazines. I’m available for commissions and assignments.

Before leaving the UK in 2002 I previously worked for Vodafone, Future Publishing and Epic Multimedia. I wrote for a wide variety of national newspapers and magazines about Internet issues, including the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror and Evening Standard.

Maldives Fah Thai Magazine Pages 1 and 2

[Maldives Article, Fah Thai Magazine. For the full text, see DiveHappy.com]

I’m also a PADI Speciality Scuba Diving Instructor (No. 629614), although I haven’t done any instructing for a long time. If you need recommendations for learning to scuba dive in Thailand, I unreservedly recommend my good friends Ayesha and Wilco on Koh Tao. They did their instructor course at the same time as me, but have remained instructors ever since. This means they are extremely experienced, having now certified thousands of divers between them, and they are also great people to hang out with.

Besides TravelHappy and DiveHappy, I used to publish SpikeMagazine.com, a long running website about books, culture and ideas. Spike is no longer being updated, but there is a ton of great interviews, articles and reviews on the site that are still available to read.

You can email me at chris [at] travelhappy.info or leave a message in the comment box below. Your message will remain private as all comments are moderated before they are published.


  1. Hi,

    I notice that you are seeking guest bloggers and I’m interested.

    I run a personal blog that covers life in Thailand, general traveling info and how I make a living from promoting websites on-line.

    Feel free to contact me if you are interested in working together.

    Warm regards,


  2. your write up about the rotating video clips was awesome. Thanks for the article. really saved me from a big headache and showed me a cool program.

  3. Hi Chris!

    I know that Momondo.com is a great resource to track down low cost flights in Europe. It should be a good alternative to skyscanner in Asia.

    Thanks for the tips….

  4. hey but how do you put your digital camera videos onto a file so you could put it on facebook??

  5. Hi Kenzie,

    I think using the same process I described for compressing camera video clips for YouTube will work for Facebook too

    You just need to go to facebook.com/video and enable your account to accept video, and then you can upload your compressed clip.

  6. Kimberley Alford says:

    Literally just read your ” if you want to go travelling – do it” article…. Ive been travelling through central america about ayr ago and came back and pretty much got stuck here – ifi go again it would be on my own…would you advise going to Thailand on my own to bea good idea?? Debating at the moment haha! thanks again!

  7. Hi Kim

    yes, Thailand is safe for solo travellers – I’ve met loads of people, male and female, who’ve come travelling to Thailand alone. If you’ve been travelling in Central America already I reckon you will already have the experience and common sense to keep away from difficult situations etc. I wrote a quick piece about Is Thailand Safe? a few months ago which you can see here:

    Let me know how you get on – would be interested to hear your impressions of Thailand if you make it over here.


  8. l am still having problems booking flights on Cebu pacific up to this day using a visa credit card.
    l will attmpt to use another site that can get the tickets for me at a little bit dear price

  9. Hi Terry
    I’m sorry to hear that. I am still getting several visitors a week coming to travelhappy who are having the same problem, so obviously Cebu haven’t fixed it, which is crazy.

    There is a list of designated agents in various cities on the Cebu site where you can book Cebu tickets so maybe that will help.

  10. Tom and Linda Blais says:

    Good morning Chris. Hope you don’t mind me bothering you with a couple of questions. Our daughter and her family recently moved to Bangkok after 8 years in Chiang Mai. She teaches as well as attends university. Anyway they live in the Sukhumvit/Thonglo area. We will be arriving in Bangkok at the end of November for 3 months. After much research I’ve concluded that this area may not be best for us. We’ve been thinking about House by the Pond or Belleville Apartments but wonder if they are too far out of the way. We certainly aren’t adverse to walking as in Chiang Mai usually spent at least 4 hours a day wandering around. But we would be spending a lot of time with our daughter and grandkids so would be using the sky train later in the evening. I understand it’s about a 3 km walk from the BTS to House or Belleville. Could you comment on this. Also have read a couple of comments about the lack of security at House…………..Would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you might have. Thanks.

    Tom and Linda

  11. Hi Chris,

    My Girlfriend and I are travelling to Thailand in February and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your guide to Thailand expenditure. It was of great help to us so far. The best we have come across. I was just wondering if you would answer some further questions.. in saying that – if you have no time that is ok too.. here they are:-

    1) Is February the ideal time to come to get a great tan and experience the best of what Thailand has to offer?

    2) How much money ( i know you have gone through it) but how much Australian money would we need to have a very comfortable holiday for 2 weeks?

    3) Can you recommend a 4 star hotel that is not too standard (holiday inn, Marriott etc) that we can stay at so we are still experiencing Thai surrounds in Bangkok?

    4) Can you tell us your thoughts on tattoos in Thailand?

    5) Terrorism.. I know this is a hard question… but personally do you feel very safe where you live?

    6) To get to the beach from Bangkok (any type of sun and water and trees) are we having to go far?

    7) This is the first time we are leaving Australia… can you let us know anything else that may be helpful?

    We really appreciate your help.

    Laura & Krissy – Brisbane, Australia

  12. Love your site! Brillant!

    You do need a health section though… No-where on the internet (that I can find) outlines Malaria requirements for Southern Thailand, it always says ‘dependent on location and timing’.

    I’m going in November, can you help or suggest a site?


  13. Dear Chris,

    I just read through your Travelhappy and have to say only one word – AMAZING! To have this guide 5 years ago when I went to Thailand with my boyfriend would make our life easier :)
    I promised myself I will return to this unbelievable country so I am coming again in 2 weeks. If you are in BKK on Nov 24/25 would be a pleasure to take a beer with you. Thanks again for great information!
    Simona (simonask@centrum.cz)

  14. Hi Simona

    I’m around on the 24th so if you’re in the Sukhumvit area I’m always free for beer! You can email me direct at chrismitchell [at] gmail.com nearer the time if you like.


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