Bangkok Cafes – Chocoholic

If you’re craving a sweet treat in Bangkok when you’re tired from shopping, be sure to head for the contemporary cafe haven that is Chocoholic

Chocoholic - Bangkok

On the 3rd Floor (Level E) of the otherwise decidedly dull Siam Center there is a glorious cafe little cafe called Chocoholic. From the outside the wraught iron decorative touches and the showcase of exquisite desserts shows the owners’ desire to stand out – there’s no formica tables and self service here.

Inside Chocoholic, Bangkok

Step inside and you immediately escape the bustle and perpetual noise of the mall – inside there’s blues and jazz being played and a red velvet sofa under a wall-sized montage of images to settle back into. The care and attention that’s gone into the shop decor is reflected in the treats on offer too – little bite-sized blueberry cheesecakes, crumbly muffins, chocolate cake and more. All of the food served has a contemporary twist on traditional favourites, and they’re all perfectly sized to give you a good taste without ruining your next meal. There’s also top notch coffee and tea available too.

Definitely worth crossing over from Siam Paragon just to find Chocoholic – it’s clearly a Bangkok cafe that’s a labour of love.

Chocoholic Cabinet


  1. I have been there..everything was added with chocolate .. it was AMAZZZZZZING!! ;)

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