Bangkok’s Arab Street, Korea’s Best Food And Cycling In Vietnam

The New York Times’ Travel section has recently had a rash of great Asian travel stories that are worth a glance for a different kind of insight

Soi Arab, Bangkok’s Middle East Oasis – this is a short and sharp rundown of the excellent Middle Eastern eateries to be discovered on Sukhumvit Soi 3, or the Arab Quarter of Bangkok. If you’re interested in more food recommendations for Bangkok, take a look at these foodie tips on hidden culinary gems, Bangkok’s best restaurant guide, 100 Bangkok dishes to die for and Travelhappy’s Bangkok restaurants and bars page

Korean food is starting to get some serious appreciation in the States, and this Choice Table article in the NYT attempts to go to the source in Seoul. An entertaining foodie travelogue. Of course, you shouldn’t forget the pinnacle of Korean cuisine that is the Spam Giftset or the boozey joy of Korean drinking establishments

Cycling is an excellent way to see any country (and environmentally friendly too) and Vietnam’s Mekong Delta provides a beautiful backdrop to a two wheeled expedition. Of course, if you’re too lazy to peddle, you can check out Don Morgan’s in-depth guide to renting and driving a motorcycle in Vietnam, as well as my own roundup of why I love Hanoi so much (not such a great city to go cycling in). Hoi An has banned cars from its historic town centre, so is great for exploring the countryside. You should also check out how to get a Vietnam visa in Bangkok and the all important question – how much money will I need in Vietnam?

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