How To Get A Vietnam Visa In Bangkok

You need a visa to enter Vietnam before you travel to the country. It’s easy to organise a Vietnam visa in Bangkok if you know where to go.

Vietnam is one of the few countries in the world where you can’t get get entry to the country simply by turning up. You need to make sure you already have a visa organised before you arrive in Vietnam – either by visiting an embassy for the visa to be put in your passport, or by applying online prior to arrival and collecting your visa on arrival at the airport. If you don’t have a visa, they won’t let you in.

Get A Vietnam Visa Online

You can apply online for a Vietnam Visa which you need to collect on arrival at one of Vietnam’s airports – note that while this is called a “visa on arrival” service, because you get the visa when you arrive at the airport, the application MUST be filed and paid for BEFORE you enter the country. You can read Russ Brooks’ first hand (positive) experience of applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival online here on Travelhappy.

Finding the Vietnamese Embassy In Bangkok

Alternatively, getting a Vietnam visa in Bangkok is pretty easy. Get a taxi or BTS Skytrain to Wireless Road (Soi Wittayu) in the centre of Bangkok. On the Skytrain you get off at the Phloen Chit stop. Walk out through the elevated skywalk and then down the stairs onto Wireless Road. There is a huge dark gray futuristic-looking building on the corner called Park Ventures Ecoplex on the corner of Sukhumvit Road and Wireless Road, so you’ll know you’re in the right place. Walk down Wireless Road towards All Seasons Place, which is a huge mall and office block. (There is a big map on a board in the BTS station – check it before you go out through the exits to ensure you know where you’re going).

You will need two photos for your Vietnam visa application. If you haven’t got them already, there is a photo shop that can do passport photos in Wave Place, which is the mall on the opposite side of the road from Park Ventures Ecoplex. You can see Wave Place from the Skywalk before you go down on the street.

Walk along Wireless Road for about five minutes. The Vietnamese Embassy is just along here, but it’s easy to miss because you are so close to it. Look for this door, which is the entry to the Visa Application area.

Vietnam Embassy, Bangkok
Vietnam Embassy, Bangkok
Vietnam Embassy Entrance Door, Bangkok

Once inside, fill in one of the application forms and then submit it at the window along with the appropriate fee.

Vietnam Visa Prices

As at February 2015, it’s 3000 Thai Baht for a single entry visa if you want it ready next day, or 2400 Baht for processing in 4 days. There currently is no same-day visa option. You need to submit the visa application between 9am to 11.30 am and 1.30pm to 4.30pm. Make sure you drop it early in the morning for the next day service.

Please note that the Vietnamese Embassy tends to change its prices and delivery schedule quite frequently, as you can see from the comments below. Don’t be surprised if the prices have gone up or the processing days have changed. Take extra cash with you. Also, please leave a comment here with changes to pricing and I will update the article accordingly – thanks!

Also make sure you request a multiple entry visa if you intend to exit and re-enter Vietnam during your travels, otherwise you’ll have to apply for a second visa all over again. Multiple entry visas unsurprisingly cost more.

You can check on the Vietnamese Embassy website for updates to prices and opening times, but the site seems in semi-hibernation.

Get A Vietnam Visa Without The Wait in Cambodia

If you are travelling to Cambodia and intending to go on to Vietnam afterwards, you can cleverly get a Vietnam visa without any wait at the Sihanoukville Vietnam Embassy. This trick is listed in the Lonely Planet Cambodia and I’ve done it myself (although it was long time ago so double check it’s still operational). You simply turn up at the Vietnam Embassy – preferably mid morning when someone will be there and also have time to deal with your request – and they issue the visa on the spot. The gentleman who issued mine and Louise’s visas was certainly a lot more friendly than the harried Bangkok visa staff.

The Vietnam Embassy in Sihanoukville is marked on most maps of the city, although it can take a bit of cruising up and down the road on the back of motorbike taxis to spot its entrance gates.

Note that this immediate issue only seems to happen in Sihanoukville and not any other Cambodian cities, including the capital Phnom Penh. You can still get a Vietnam visa in Phnom Penh, but you’ll have to wait for it.


  1. that was incredibly useful. Thank you very much for providing that. It was concise and exactly what i was looking for.

  2. really helpful, thanks a million!!

  3. This was a very useful article and it helped me enormously just this morning. If you are in the sukhumvit area around Soi 6 it is actually really easy to walk if your that way inclined. Say about 20 minutes each way. Follow the Sky train along sukhumvit road and look out for the Phloen Chit stop.

    I do want to point out 2 things.

    1) Anyone needing passport photos should expect to pay about 150 baht.

    2) if you want an express visa it WILL COST YOU! I had to pay 2500 baht for the fast service so try to plan ahead and you’ll be able to avoid the extra cost of express service. I wish I had!

  4. Brendan says:

    Does anyone know if this service is available to all nationalities? (or more specifically, for Australians?)

    Looks like I’m not going to have time in Australia to get my Vietnam visa before heading off to Thailand so I may have to resort to this option. Looks like it might be cheaper anyway.

  5. Awesome thanks heaps!!

  6. Word of warning! We’ve just found out it now takes 4 days to get a Vietnam visa from the embassy in Bangkok. Having arranged our flights to give us the 3 days we needed, we ended up having to pay 2500 baht for the express fee (nearly fifty quid each!!) to make sure we had the visa when we fly. So if you are planning on getting the normal visa, make sure you leave yourself enough time. Also, you don’t pick it up on day 4, but on day 5 – as obviously it takes 4 whole days to stick a piece of paper in your passport. Make sure you take into account the weekend or public holidays. The staff were pretty unhelpful too.

    If you get the express visa (1000 baht), you collect the next day between 3.30 and 4.30pm.

  7. Sorry, I made a mistake in the comment above, its 1000B for a normal visa, not the express one!

  8. Hi, planing on goin round asia for a bit end of september, do you need to specify what hotel your staying at in vietnam to get a visa?!

  9. Gulbibi says:

    Thank you for the advice and guidence!
    sounds good!
    tomorrow I am going to this place let see will it work to me :)

  10. Yes, I think you do, but you can just write the address of any hotel — you don’t need to provide proof that it’s where you’ll be staying. So for example “Hanoi Elegance 4 Hotel, Hanoi” should be sufficient

  11. Hi
    What is the current situation… I do need very urgently a visa for a 3 days trip to Vietnam.

    My intension is to drop all the required paper early morning but need to get it next day before 12.00 am. > flight is in the afternoon.

    Any experiences ?


  12. You’d best go to the embassy and ask them direct. They have an express next-day service but not sure if they’ll have it ready before 12 noon.

  13. Bimal Dahal says:

    Thank you.

  14. thanks very very useful information
    i appreciate it

  15. Hello Guys,
    I need help!!!
    I ve got a touristvisa for Thailand and I am already here for 3 months now.
    I want to make a trip about 3 weeks to Vietnam and want to know, if there will be problems to get a new Visa for Thailand again?
    somebody told me that I just can stay 90 days and than I have to leave the Country for 180 days. Is that right?
    I have to come back to Thailand after 3 weeks, so now I am afraid that they wont let me back to Thailand.
    So please can somebody help me?!?
    To,orrow I will go to the Vitnamese Embassy at Wihayu Road….thank you so much for this helps alot!!!

  16. Hi Pamela – current visa regulations for Thailand at May 2010 are that if you fly in and out of the country you will get a 30 day visa when you return to Thailand. As long as you fly in and out of Thailand, you can get one of these 30 day stamps indefinitely. The 180 day rule has been dropped. If you are travelling in and out of Thailand by a land border, you only get a 15 day visa when you re-enter Thailand at a land border.

    Have a great time in Vietnam

  17. Thank you so much Chris.
    After Vietnam I want to stay another 2 months in Thailand so I hope I will get a new touristvisa at the Thai Embassy in Saigon.
    It is very helpful what you wrote.

    Take care Chris.

  18. Great postings,can anyone tell me if you have to leave your passport with them or can you fill in form etc then go pick your visa up a week later,i’m flying to phuket from bangkok but want to apply for visa before i leave bangkok and pick it up when i return 8 days later

  19. Yes, you leave your passport with the embassy while they are processing it

  20. Cheers have you done this chris as i need to know must you leave your passport or can they copy it and give you it back as i will need it to fly to phuket and then i will return to bangkok to pick up my visa

  21. Hi Chris, thanks for the info. However I see the embassy webpage (in Thailand) says that you need to submit a document ‘Approval from Immigration Authority or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam’ before they will process your visa application. How do you get this?

  22. Hi Lou, you just need to fill in the application form and submit it with your passport when you go to the Embassy – no need to submit anything beforehand.

  23. Hi Stephen, you will need to leave your passport at the Vietnam Embassy to get the visa processed. You might be allowed to check in for a domestic flight between Bangkok and Phuket if you make a photocopy of your passport ID page — I would check with the airline first.

  24. As of October 12, 2010, tourist visas come in only one flavor from BKK Viet embassy: 30-day, single entry for 1800 BAHT for non-rush; 2300 BAHT for rush service.

  25. Thanks for the info Terrance. Can anyone else confirm this as well? Shouldn’t be too much of a problem as the 30 day visa is what most tourists want.

  26. hallo, we wil stay in bangkok in febr.only two days,we are dutch and want to travel overland via cambodia to vietnam.does it make sense te ask online for a proposel letter, to get a vietnam visa in one day at the ambassy in bangkok ?.thanks for answering.

  27. Great information! Just wanted to add that Vietnam Embassy in Bangkok is right next to Plaza Athenee Bangkok Hotel (A Royal Le Meridian Hotel) and about 150 yards from USA Embassy on the same side of the street. It cost 1,800 Baht for regular 4 day processing (dropped off Monday and pick up Friday) and 2,300 for 1 day processing.

  28. Also wanted to add that they ONLY accepted Thai Baht and you have to pay when you drop off your passport and not when you pick it up.

  29. Christy says:

    We just went to the Vietnam Embassy in Bangkok and 8:30 a.m. We could pay 2700 baht to get our visa today; 2300 baht to get it in two days; or 1800 baht to get it in a week.

  30. Thanks for all the helpful comments everyone.

    Chris, are there any cheaper options instead of the embassy, or for the sake of a few quid is it not worth it?

    Also, just so i’m clear, once one does have a visa, there’s nothing more to pay once you enter and exit Vietnam?

  31. I had been to the Vietnam embassy in Bangkok this morning and they gave me 2 options:
    1. Get today – 2700 THB
    2. Get tomorrow – 2300 THB
    I was surprised as to why the cost was so high when compared to applying online (VOA). I would suggest online option is much easy and cheaper.

  32. Update on the cost of the visa:
    1. Next day: ฿2500
    2. 3-4 days: ฿2000

  33. Rajbir kaur says:

    Thanks, its really helpful :)

  34. Good info.
    Just confirming that this option is avalable to Australians…..had a brain fart and organised everything except this. !!

  35. hey, I was wondering when the visa started from? whether its from the date it was processed or the date of arrival? I plan on getting the visa while I am in Bangkok however i don’t fly too Vietnam until around 2 month later

  36. Gutterboy says:

    Just applied for same day service at 9am this morning and was told they can not do it. Tomorrow afternoon is the quickest! Very expensive misinformation.

  37. Update: we went to the Vietnam embassy yesterday and the price is now 3,000 batt to get it done in three days. Yikes!

  38. This morning, we were charged 2200 baht for ‘normal’ processing (drop off Monday, pick up Thursday). Other people in line said that ‘rush’ processing cost them 2700 baht regardless of whether pick-up was Tuesday or Wednesday. Seems like the prices and policies change constantly.

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