Bangkok Guide: 55 Tips To Help You The First Time You Travel To Thailand

If you’re travelling to Thailand for the first time, you’ll probably arrive and stay in Bangkok to begin with. Here’s a collection of useful Travelhappy links that will help you get the most out of Thailand’s amazing capital city.

Wat Arun - Temple Of The Dawn - Bangkok
Wat Arun - Temple Of The Dawn - Bangkok

Having lived in Bangkok for the last three years, I’ve written quite a lot here on Travelhappy about this fascinating and exasperating city. Here’s a handy list of links to all the info I’ve written up previously that will help you if you’re planning a visit to Bangkok.

This is definitely not a comprehensive guide of Bangkok tips and things to do – a Bangkok guidebook is still the best place to look for that – but hopefully you’ll find my own take on Bangkok useful for planning your travels. It’s also wise to arm yourself with a proper map of Bangkok, even if you’re using GPS on your phone – a paper map gives you an instant overview of the city.

Luxury Hotels in Bangkok

As ever, leave a comment to share your own Bangkok tips or if there’s something you need to know that’s not already been covered.

Before you arrive in Bangkok:

Guidebooks and Maps

Bangkok Area Guide

There are numerous areas of interest to travellers in Bangkok – here’s my key highlights of each Bangkok area to help you figure out where to go

Bangkok Hotel Info

Mid Range Hotels in Bangkok

When you get to Bangkok:

David Beckham Temple, Bangkok
David Beckham Temple, Bangkok

Things to do in Bangkok:

Budget Hotels in Bangkok

Food In Bangkok


Bangkok Day Trips

Guardian demons, Grand Palace, Bangkok
Guardian demons, Grand Palace, Bangkok

Leaving Bangkok


  1. Ann Van Mechelen says:

    hi ,

    could you tell me a site of a good but cheap travel agency in thailand ? We will make a trip in thailand with 3 children and are looking for a tour.

    Best regards

    Ann Van Mechelen

  2. David Beckham Temple, Bangkok? lol funny indeed

  3. Nice group of articles – will take me some time to get through them. First on the list is whether iPods are cheaper in Thailand. I keep considering one so I can check out my ebooks on the ipod – iphone platforms but haven’t yet. I just read your interview with the writer at TravelFish – very nice too. I gotta read more here!

  4. Thank you for all the useful information in this blog.

  5. Hi can you help? my mother is traveling to thailand at the end of the month, and has asked me about currency, can you addvise on travels cheques please.

    thanks stewart

  6. You can cash travellers cheques in Thai banks but really it’s a lot of hassle, plus you are restricted to getting cash only during bank hours. I’d suggest your mother uses an ATM card instead there are ATMs everywhere in Thailand. Make sure the ATM card has the VISA symbol so that it can make international withdrawals. I’d also suggest she has a credit card for large purchases and backup in case the ATM card fails or is lost.

  7. I’m Thai I just want to help
    if any of you want to know more about some information about Thailand pls email me it’s for free if I’m very plased to help If I can answer your questions

  8. I’m Thai I just want to help
    if any of you want to know more about some information about Thailand pls email me it’s for free if I’m very plased to help If I can answer your questions

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