Myanmar Visa In Bangkok: How To Get It

Applying for a Myanmar visa in Bangkok is surprisingly straightforward if you know where to go. Here’s some tips on making it easy on yourself.

Myanmar Embassy, Bangkok
Myanmar Embassy, Bangkok

Apply Online For A Myanmar Tourist Visa

On September 1st 2014 the Myanmar government launched an official online tourist visa application website. You can apply and pay for your tourist visa through the website. You are required to upload a passport photo of yourself during the application process plus show proof of your return air ticket. The visa is $50. Note that the visa is not instantly issued – you are emailed an approval letter within 5 days of applying, which you then show on arrival at Yangon to Myanmar Immigration and get your tourist visa placed in your passport.

Please note – I have not tried the service and cannot vouch for its efficiency. Also note that airline check-in staff may not be aware of the new online tourist visa application and so refuse to accept your visa approval letter as proof you do indeed have a visa – which means they might not let you on the plane. It will probably be fine, but be aware you might need to explain the visa situation.

How To Get A Myanmar Visa In Bangkok – UPDATE November 2012:

Travelhappy reader George provided this very handy summary of the current visa process:

Hi Chris and all readers, just a quick update/some tips:
1. Embassy is open from 9:00-12:00 for visa application. Visa collection is now from 15:30-16:30. The afternoon opening hours appear to have been limited to that now (the other hours which were 13:00-15:00 are taped off with black tape).
2. I got there at 8:30 on Wednesday (24th Oct) and there was already a queue about 30 meters long. I asked the first people in the queue what time they had started queuing. They said 6:30am. So I guess if you want to be in the front bit of the queue you should be there by around 7:00am. The doors opened at 9:00am sharp. I found the people at the embassy friendly and fast by the way.
3. Rather than wait for the embassy to open to get the forms, arrive early and then walk 100m down the street until you see a yellow sign indicating copy shop. This is in a small alley. There you can have your passport and tickets copied for a few baht (I paid 12 I think for 3 copies). The good thing is, they have aircon, and they have the forms. So you can sit down at their table, and fill out the forms, stick your passport photos on, etc. and be completely ready when you enter the embassy – it sucks if you have to get forms and queue again. This little shop provides an excellent service.

How To Get A Myanmar Visa In Bangkok – Original story:

Today I picked up my tourist visa for Myanmar, where I’ll be heading this Saturday. Getting a visa for Myanmar in Bangkok is pretty straightforward if you know how the Myanmar Embassy works.

Myanmar tourist visas take two working days to process at the Bangkok Myanmar Embassy and currently cost 810 Thai Baht. You can pay an extra fee of around 300 Baht (I think) and collect your visa the same day provided you arrive to apply for it first thing in the morning. You then pick it up in the afternoon.

The Myanmar Embassy is open for visa applications from 9 am to 12 noon. The earlier you get there, the better. All you need to do is fill in the Tourist Visa form (A4 size) and the Arrival Form (A5 size), affix a passport sized photo to each form and then queue up on the right hand side to hand in your passport and application forms and pay your visa fee. At the time of writing, the tourist visa forms are currently located on the left hand side of the counter and the business visa forms are located on the right hand side, so make sure you have a tourist visa form.

Filling out the tourist visa form is straightforward. Remember to avoid writing anything controversial under Occupation like “journalist” or “photographer”. Keep it as bland as possible. Similarly, write the name of the first hotel you are staying at – or one you have seen in your guidebook – under the space for your Place of Residence during your visit. (You can book Myanmar hotels online with Agoda – be warned, the huge influx of tourists into Myanmar since 2012 means that accommodation is in short supply. It is strongly recommended that you book your hotel in advance as there often no rooms available at any price. See How Much Money Do I Need For Myanmar for a breakdown of what to budget for a Burma trip).

Depending on the queue, you can file your forms within an hour or so. The earlier you get there the more chance you have of beating the queue. It is common sense to not leave getting a Myanmar visa to the last minute – give yourself a few days space before you depart for Myanmar in case any problems occur. Remember that the Embassy will be shut on both Myanmar and Thai holiday days – as it was when I applied for my visa – which will delay your visa pickup by one more day.

Collecting the visa is best done in the morning, before 12 noon. The official collection time in the afternoon is from 3pm onwards, NOT from 1pm when the Embassy reopens after lunch. If you arrive at 1pm to collect your visa (as I did), you will be standing around waiting for at least half an hour until the officials finish whatever work they are doing and decide to start handing out completed visas earlier than 3pm.

The Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok is located at 132, Sathorn Nua Rd in Silom. It is very near to Surasak BTS Skytrain station. From Surasak station, go to Exit 3. Walk down onto street level and then turn right when you get to the bottom of the stairs so that you are walking along the pavement underneath the Skytrain station. You will pass the Skytrain’s escalator entrance. If you don’t, you are walking the wrong way down Sathorn Road!

Continue walking up the busy Sathorn Road for about 200 metres. You will arrive at a forbidding grey looking wall with big spikes on top at the corner of Sathorn Road and Thanon Pan. This is the Myanmar Embassy. Walk a few metres down the side road Thanon Pan and you will find the entrance to the Myanmar Embassy’s Visa section. It is a unmarked steel door with no handle. See the photo above.

If you find yourself waiting around during the Embassy’s lunch hour, there is the Thailand Book Tower another few metres after the Myanmar Embassy along Sathorn Road which has a cafe and English language newspapers. There is also an S&P Cafe on the opposite side of the road accessible by a pedestrian bridge if you need a full lunch. S&P does very good coffee – lattes, cappuccino etc etc.


  1. John Smith says:

    Any reputable hotel or travel agency will get your visa for you, in 1-2 days. If:

    1. You don’t mind paying an extra fee
    2. don’t want to wait in a queue at the embassy

    Before I figured this out, while waiting in the queue, I noticed travel agency represenatives with piles of passports and applications. These are the guys you don’t want in front of you in the queue.

  2. Graham Watts says:

    Great guidance in every respect, except one small but important omission: you have to give them a photocopy of the main page of your passport. So take one with you because they won’t copy it for you and they’re not helpful in telling you where the nearest copier shop is. I walked for half an hour all over the place looking for one.

  3. Good point Graham, same here and caught everyone in the queue out. Also if you work in Thailand they want to see your work permit, and have photocopies of all significant pages of work permit.

  4. Hi Chris, Tks a lot for your tips!

    I went to the Myanmar Embassy at this morning and it was easy to take the fast VISA. Just a small update in your page: the value to get this VISA is 1260 baht (810 + 450).

    There is a photocopy near. You just need to go right at the same street and look for a small ad in your right.

    Tomorrow I’ll go to Myanmar!

    tks again

  5. Hi Wagner, thanks very much for the extra info – appreciated. Happy travels in Myanmar – it’s an amazing place.

  6. Thnx for the info! I will go there tomorrow!

  7. Thank you so much for this informative website! I mailed a travel agency to get the visa arranged for Myanmar and they told me that it would cost 6,500B (3 working days). This was without any bargaining though :-)

    Anyway, with the above “instructions”, I think I can deal with it myself ;-)

  8. one more tip
    You need to use the visum in a month, So with a 2 month stay in thailand a ”early” visum don’t work ;)


  9. Thanks for the extra tip Maurice!

  10. Just got our visa in Bangkok. 1260 baht (810 + 450) is still correct. There were many people (maybe because the embassy was 4 days closed (weekend and 2 public holidays), opened at 8:30 instead of 9) so we were lucky to have our forms already filled out. You can download the forms here: Passport copy needed as well as a form we didn’t have about current and former employment which you will get there.

    For anyone trying to get a visa for Myanmar in Singapore: We tried but failed as we didn’t have a business card or a confirmation of employment letter with us. The guy at the counter said this is the policy and we should try it in Bangkok as it is easiert to get there. So if you want to get in Singapore make sure you have a business card or confirmation of employment letter with you.

  11. thx Chris , i followed exactly as u described it. went there in the morning around 9.30 a.m , it was not busy at all , got the application form at counter nr. 1 on the left side, filled it out ( 1xA4 1XA5 2Fotos, one copy first site passport) went back to the same counter, they checked it quickly, gave me a number, waited only 5minutes, called me to counter number 2, they checked the application AND passport, asked if i live in thailand, whats my profession, why go to burma, no problem at all. 810 baht, ready on wednesday 3.30pm. I asked if possible to pick up the passport in the morning but they said NO. Thanks again easy going !

  12. Just did the whole thing. All the info is gold and the prices are still correct. Please! When you do this… just go in person and avoid the extortionate prices that the agencies are gunning for. Initially I tried to do it out of my hotel. They were quoting me 4000 baht and 4 business days. I said ok. Than they called me the following day and said it would take longer and that they needed more money. Screw that. I just did it by myself. It took one day and it was so much cheaper. Nice to meet some friendly people that are traveling to Myanmar as well!

  13. thanks everyone for taking the time to verify the info is still correct – much appreciated. Happy travels – Chris

  14. Altun Kaynar says:

    Hi All,

    Thanks for above info.
    I have visited Myanmar last week.
    I have some corrections and amendments to above explanations.

    1st correction:
    ”Surasak BTS Skytrain station. From Surasak station, go to Exit 3. Walk down onto street level and then turn BACK. you will pass Bangkok Christian School. Continue walking, after 100m, Myn Emb will be on the left street.

    2nd correction:
    for BUSINESS VISA, they need strictly an invitation letter to your name and COMPANY REGISTRATION letter of inviting company, in Myanmar Language. This document is not mentioned anywhere, but they ask for it!!!!!

    Also the photocopy shop has fax and internet connection.
    To connect gmail, sometimes you need to write: https instead of http

    and one more; myanmar is very peacefull and welcoming country. hotels are comfortable. I advise Thingaha in NPT and ParkRoyal in Yangon.


  15. Albert Hall says:

    Does anybody know if it’s still possile to get the same day express visa? (Writing this on April 7, 2010). I heard rumours they’d been stopped.

  16. Hi,
    I am actually in Bangkok and i will apply for a tourist visa tomorrow (Monday 11th of April 2010). Does anyone know if it is possible to cross the border between Thailand and Myanmar by land?Does the embassy request a round trip plane ticket to deliver a visa?I would like to travel to Chang Mai first and then enter Myanmar!
    I am a also an amateur cameraman and i am traveling with a (quite big) semi professional camera and tripod… Do you think i should ask the embassy if this will be an issue?I have never had any problems so far but this is Myanmar right?

  17. Hi,

    I am a little bit worried about my visa for Myanmar. I live in Vietnam but will be in Bangkok on 8th Sept, 2010 and plan to get my visa for Myanmar then. Problem is I don’t go to Myanmar until the 9th of August.

    If I go to the Embassy are they likely to hear my case. Or is it just some Govt official who doesn’t give a damn who won’t help me.

    I could wait until the 10th and apply then but am worried they won’t issue on the same day and also this will be 30 days on the dot to when I arrive in Myanmar and am concerned they will have a problem with it.

    They really do make this hard. Applying from other countries you get 3 month grace.

    Anyone have any advice. Also thanks so much for this post really helpful with regards to the whole process.


  18. Hi Bec

    I’m a bit confused about what you need to do in terms of your dates. I’m afraid you are unlikely to be able to speed up the process – unless they have introduced a same day visa issuing service that I haven’t heard of. The Myanmar authorities are notorious for turning people away if their paperwork is not 100 per cent correct so they are unlikely to heed any special requests. Better to have as much time in hand as possible when you arrive in Bangkok. Sorry I can’t be more positive. Best, Chris

  19. Thanks Chris, my problem was having to use the visa within the 30 days. But I just decided to extend my time in Thailand so that the date they issue the visa I will arrive within the 30 days.

    I live in Vietnam and I though their policies were a pain in the rear but seems they have nothing on Myanmar.

  20. Hi,
    I need to get my Myanmar visa renewed in Bangkok around the 30th Sept. 2010. (which is a Thursday). This is a 28 days tourist visa. The initial visa was issued from New Delhi, India.
    How many days is it going to take to renew this visa? I need to book my airline tickets accordingly. Pl. help.



  21. Hi Thida
    I have no idea about renewals. You had best contact the Embassy direct before you arrive.

  22. sorry to bother again. it seems that this is indeed a case of a new
    tourist visa (no renewals). If so…all the info. on this website (of
    which the last I saw was a few months old) does it hold true? In that
    case, should I book a return ticket for 5th Oct. (if I am leaving on
    30th Sept. – Thursday)?



  23. Hi Thida, the info is still accurate as far as I know but if you want to be really sure, contact the Embassy.

  24. Hi,

    Just wanted to update. All the above info is still accurate. I got my visa yesterday (13th Sept, 2010) without any issue and even got it same day. He did question why I wanted same day with a checky smile, but I just told him I was flying out of Bangkok on the 15th and needed it before then.

    The whole process was very simple and straight forward. My only advice when you pay for your visa double check which window to come back to in the afternoon. I asked and was told the correct window many others didn’t and were queued at the wrong window to which they all had to line up again and the queue for pickup at 3:30 was LONG!

  25. Hi Bec – thanks so much for taking the time to give an update on the Myanmar Embassy procedures. Very interesting that you managed to get a visa in one day – they must have been in a good mood. Thanks for the tip re getting the right window – always pays to ask! Thanks again, Chris

  26. Hi everyone ,

    live already 2 years in Myanmar and wanted to give you a brief update as I recently had to reissue a new visa myself because special re-entry visa expired. It is all rather straight forward at the BKK embassy , and yes you can ask for express issue. If you don’t want to wait for hours in line and you don’t mind to pay some extra fee I recommend Sun Far Travel a Myanmar HQ Travel agency a bit further down the road ( not Sathorn Road ) looking from the Embassy on your left hand side … They charge 3000 tHB and do all the visa run for you takes 24 hours if you go the later than 10 am … otherwise you can get it the same day … Easy thing because they do it all. Otherwise get to the embassy early … I mean it EARLY !!!!
    Anyhow it is really simple and make sure you fill out all the paperwork and don’t forget the pictures.
    Anyhow we all hope that the Visa on Arrival will be back after the election …
    Enjoy your time in Myanmar , and I am sure you will be as enchanted by this beautiful country and its incredible people as I am.

  27. Bec,

    How much did your one day express visa cost? I called the embassy and was quoted 1,260B if you are American. Can I ask how much you paid? I’d like to know if it’s much different based on your nationality.


  28. Hi Erica,

    Yeah that’s what I paid for a one day issue. I’m an Aussie and a New Zelander I was in line with paid the same too.

    Enjoy your trip there, I’ll be there in 2 weeks and can’t wait!


  29. Hi everyone,

    I actually work and live in Myanmar and am trying to get a business visa in Cambodia to no avail. I have a flight to catch in Bangkok at 4:50 PM on Monday and I am wondering if it will be possible to catch it if I turn in my visa that morning. All the other times I have done this process, I always had it expressed and done in the same day, but just picked it up at three and didn’t have to rush to the airport. So I have a few questions I hope you can help me with:

    What are the chances that they will give me my visa early if I go to the embassy at 1 PM and wait?

    What is the quickest way to get from the embassy to the airport?

    Do you think it will be possible to make it to the flight on time?


  30. I would say zero chance getting it at 1pm. they don’t give them back till 3pm.

    You could try and ask if you can pay more but I don’t like you chances. All you can do is go and try.

  31. Hi, extremly helpful page for the Myanmar Visa. I will aply for the visa tomorow. Still one question is open: How about the flight, do they want to have a confirmation of your flight dates at the embassy or can I book the flight after I got the visa?

    thanks for comments


  32. They were asking for flight details and given the election is looming I think it would be a good idea to have one. The guy next to me didn’t have his and just told them it wasn’t with him and they accepted it. But that was a month ago and like I said election looming so maybe better to book it and then get the visa.

  33. Hi there, this is extremely helpful page! Thanks.\nI have two questions: all nationalities can request the visa in bangkok, is this correct? I am portuguese, my husband american and we live in Portugal. Some people say he can get the visa there, but that i need to get it beforehand…\nalso, do you need to get have the confimation dates for the flight to Myanmar?\n\nThanks a lot!\nsusana

  34. Hi,\n\nNow that the elections are over, is it now possible to get the visa on arrival again?\nThanks for this very informative site….\n\nPerry

  35. Hi all!

    Has anyone been issued a same-day visa recently? Is the information (cost 1260 Baht, visa issued on same day if you get there early in the morning) still correct?

    Moreover, do you think they issue a same-day visa at the end of December when I tell them I won’t travel to Myanmar before the end of January (as I’ll be travelling in the meantime and won’t be in any capital for more than three days) or might that be a problem?

    Thanks for your help!

  36. I wouldn’t tell them you are leaving the end of Dec. Just tell them you want a same day and if they ask for your tickets to check flight dates tell them you didn’t bring it with you. They questioned me as to why I wanted same day and I showed them my ticket which was the next day flight. BUT a guy that was with me got asked the same question but didn’t have his ticket with him and the accepted what he said and gave it same day.

    I haven’t been recently, but check out lonely planets thorn tree forum there is usually someone on there talking about the current visa situation.


  37. i applied last week here in Bangkok, I’m a Canadian graphic artist. Not sure if they didn’t like my occupation or what, i was denied, no reason given, nobody to talk to about it. A friend said he had a problem and had to speak to the Consulate General. Anybody know anything about this?

  38. Hi everyone,
    great information ! Thanks a lot ! Has anyone done the fast visa lately and does it still work ?

    Does anyone know a travel agent in Pattaya that does the whole visa thing for you ? It would save our family a trip to Bangkok …

    Thanks ! Annette

  39. We went to Bangkok to get our tourist visa today and everything worked out fine. A few details have changed though. The embassy has changed their application forms in october. It is now a 2-page A4 size form. You can either get it at the counter inside (you will have to get in line at counter 4 for that though) or at a little shop 200 m down the road. You make a right from the embassy, walk those 200m, turn right into a small alley (they have a big yellow sign “copy, photos…” and you really can’t miss them) and they will do all the photocopies for you, have the forms for business and tourist visa and also do passport pictures. We had brought pictures, but they now require a light coloured background because they scan them and print the picture onto your visa. We got there at 8 o’clock and about 30 people were already waiting in line. We completed everything outside, went in at 9, stood in line at counter 4 where the lady checks if you have got everything. Then you get a number and get called to the net counter where they review your application. Cost is still 1260 Baht for the express visa. At 3.30 we were able to pick the visas up. Thanks for all the information ahead of time !!!

  40. Thanks for the detailed update Annette! Much appreciated and useful for those coming next

  41. Hi, just wondering, do you need to have flights purchased and tickets to show (with dates already set) in order to get a visa?

  42. I went to Myanmar four weeks before the election. I applied for a same day visa at the embassy and the man behind the counter wanted to see my flightdetails for the next day. I told him I don’t have the papers with me, so he told me to come back in four days. Same day visa was not possible if you didn’t show him your flightdetails for next day. So I went to the famous little store, already mentioned from severals and booked a flight online, went back and showed the printed out confirmation and got the paper to pick up my same day visa in the afternoon.
    Maybe I had difficulties because of the election, maybe also I catched the wrong person behind the counter, who knows.

  43. confused Australian says:

    Help please:
    I read through the thread but didn’t see an answer:
    Can Australians get a same day visa in BKK?

    I got multiple answers from travel agency in BKK saying that if an embassy exists in country of origin that type of visa can be issued.
    Is any of that true?

    I’m arriving in Bangkok a night and a (full working) day before i’m off to Burma.
    Will i be able to issue the visa in that single day?
    Since embassy in Aust is closed i cant get any official answer.

    Anyone out there?
    thank you in advance.

  44. Hi Chris or anybody else who can help. Thanks for this
    great resource, its a huge blessing. Quick question and hopefully
    this is not a stupid one. Can you get both 14 and 28 day visas
    here. Maybe I missed it but I did not seem to see any comments. I
    am hoping to get a 28 day visa. Thanks in advance Lachlan

  45. Thanks for all your tips.

    I was at the embassy this morning, arrived 8:45 without the forms, left the building 10:15. I get nr 228 after I filled the forms and the person who was in front of me outside the embassy had all his paper filled and get 211.

    I will get my passport(and hopefully my visa) back tomorrow afternoon without showing any flight details.

    You need 2 photos, one passport copy(they can do one at the embassy for 5bath), 1 with your information and 1 form with working history.

  46. I want to get a visa to visit Myanmar this next week (Jan. 30), but will not be going to Myanmar until May. Is this possible? or am I getting my visa too soon?

  47. For Janet,
    I got my Myanmar visa yesterday at Bangkokg, and the 28 days start counting maximum in one month (7Feb-7Mar, so If i went there on the 1st of march, i could be there for 28 days, but i couldnt arrive there on the 8th of march, for example)…but if you got it on London, as i did last time, you could wait 3 months until the 28 days start counting… So yes, anyway, it´s too soon to get it, but you have different options if you want to get in advance.
    For the webmaster,
    Thanks for the info, it was so usefull,

  48. I’ve read all the blogs, but I’m still confused about when you must enter Myanmar after the visa is issued. If I go in on Monday, the 21st of the month, and the visa is issued on the 22nd of the month, when will I have to enter Myanmar? Is there a certain period of time that I must use the visa to enter? Thanks. Zina

  49. Christian FR says:

    I’ve just made an express visa today. It cost me 1260 THB. Arrived this morning à 9, they give me back my passport this afternoon à 3.30. Of course it’s low season for tourism but I wait 10 minutes to have my form, to fill it and to pay. Everybody is polite. I’ve made 8 ID photos and a copy of my passport for 103THB in the consulate bureau just beside the visa bureau.

  50. Business Man says:

    Went today 9/Aug/2011 for Business Visa.

    Price 1440 baht, apply in Morning, pick up next afternoon 3.30 pm
    Visa section
    Open 9 – 12
    Closed 12 to 1pm
    Open 1 to 3 pm.

    One application form,
    Two passport photos.
    A photocopy of details page of your passport, ( I didnt have one and they did one for me at embassy for 5 baht.)
    Photocopy of plane ticket or fiight details.
    Letter of invitation from company
    Copy of Company registration certificate if this is the first time to go.

    Go in and go to counter 4 to get the application form.
    Fill it out and stick on a photo yourself.
    Special sizes for photos. If you dont have anything go down the street on same side as embassy and there is a sign for photocopy, fax etc,

    In my case I did not have the company registration certificate. Luckily I had my mobile, rung up Yangon and called and got them to scan and email it to me and printed it out. 30 baht costs.

    Fill out form go back to counter 4 and they will check it and give you a number.
    Sit and wait for number to be called and then go to counter 1.
    The guy checks it, takes you 1440 baht and then gives you a receipt for your passport and tells you to come back tomorrow at 3.30 pm to pick it up.

    This is a helpful forum. Hope my info may save you time.

  51. Due to a late arrival in Bgk on jan5 2011, we will only be able to apply for a Myanmar visa in the afternoon of Jan 6 (Friday). Will we be able to pick up the visa on the Monday (jan9) as we want to fly out on Tues the 10th? (Assuming we pay the extra fast track fee)We don’t want to book an Air
    Asia flight till we know. Thanks

  52. great guide, Chris – thanks! I went this morning and it was BUSY! We got there at 7:55 am and were the 6th in line. By the time the doors opened at 9 am there were about 40 people in line (though I’ve been told it’s not always that busy, it depends).

    Just a couple points to add for those applying for a tourist visa:

    1) For foreigners living and working in Thailand…bring your original work permit as well. Copies are not ok.

    2) Bring a photocopy of the info page of your passport. They can also do this at the little shop down the road.

    3)They seeemed particular that the photos were glued to the application form already.

    4) You can get application forms at the little shop down the road. Very handy to have the forms ready to go as it speeded up the process and you didn’t have to wait in line for so long.

    Fingers crossed I’m approved when I go back on Thursday! Thanks again :)

  53. This has been my only guide for getting my Myanmar Visa in Bangkok. Great job guys. Good forum.

    I successfully registered for my tourist visa at the Embassy this morning and it was pretty straightforward.

    One thing is that they did not have the required application form. This you can get at the shop where you’ll see several yellow signs that say Photo Copy Fax as you walk down toward the embassy. It’s 10 Baht in a small cafe where all the little yellow signs point.

  54. What are “working days” for the embassy? I arrive to BGK on 5th November, thats Saturday, can I plan my flight with Airasia on 8th of Nov?

  55. Monday to Friday are working days

  56. would the Tourist Visa provided from the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok, grant me access to all Locations/Cities in Myanmar?


  57. A tourist visa would grant you access to all areas of the country tourists are permitted to visit but thats it. If you want to go somewhere not featured in lonely planet you’d need to ask the Embassy direct if tourists are allowed access to that spot

  58. Jeff Thomas says:

    Hi guys (and special thanks to Chris Mitchell for posting this great instructional website to begin with:)
    Just wanted to give but the latest “up to the minute” update on getting a tourist visa.
    Simply, everything as previously posted is still correct:):)
    Your instructions were very clear and easy to follow and sure enough, I found the embassy in only a short 10 minutes or so.
    Sure enough, if you get to the side of the street that the embassy’s on, just follow it down and one will see the little yellow signs which indicate where to go to the copy shop.
    * As Annette had mentioned in a number of posts before, they DID change the application forms opposed to what they were before (which had been composed of TWO sheets and had included an arrival form).
    However, at the copy shop, you can get the new application form for just 5 Baht.
    Now the new form is just one sheet, it’s two sided, and the back side is a work history section and you MUST fill it out.
    You will also need one copy of your main passport ID page.
    Also, as previously mentioned by others, DO bring two passport size photos and only affix ONE to the application sheet. (They have glue at the shop too).The guy at the shop then just paper clipped the other picture to the form.
    * That second photo actually ends up being embossed right into the visa when they go and process it so that’s why they need a second picture.
    Also, the visa fee is still the same (810 Baht). I know others had cited the “same day express visa” which was quoted at 1260 Baht. However, I cannot vouch for this option since I wanted the cheaper option but would have to assume it’s what others have quoted as:)
    Also, yes try to get to the embassy early. I cannot say what it looked like in late morning, but arrived there just before 8am and there was already a small line outside the front gate. I went to the copy shop to fill out the form first, and then returned in line. I was fairly close to the front by the time it opened at 9. The big surprise?? I waited in line for just a short time and by only 9:30 I was on my way out! It only took 30 minutes from start to completion so it was really an in and out deal (but imagine it could vary from day to day).
    After submitting your application,you are issued a yellow receipt showing date of submission and date of collection.
    Also, about the visa itself, it takes two working days for processing (just as previously mentioned in the other posts), and visa collection time as stated on my receipt was ONLY from 3:30 to 4:30 and on a specific date.
    Thus I submitted on a Friday (the 4th of November), and by the following Tuesday afternoon (the 8th) I returned to collect, and had a nice new visa affixed to my passport!
    That very night I booked my airfare and flew to Myanmar the very next day!
    Also, the duration of stay for a tourist visa is 28 days, and the visa itself is valid for three months from the date of issuance.
    In conclusion, the whole process was not nearly as difficult as I had somehow made out to be. It was very easy, quick, and straightforward.
    Also, I was not asked ANY questions about anything and never had to show proof of airline tickets or anything.

    Thus the only materials one needs to process a tourist visa are the following:

    a) Your Passport
    b) 1 photocopy of main Passport ID page (can be done at the copy shop)
    c) 2 passport size photos (only affix 1 to application form)
    d) 1 application form (attainable at copy shop for only 5 Bht and one MUST fill out both sides including the work history side)
    e) 810 Bht application fee (or 1260 for the express visa)

    Anyways, just wanted to brief everyone with my experience and good luck to all!

  59. Can no longer apply for visas from 1-3PM, have to go in the morning. As per a sign taped to the door. I was there Dec 1/11

  60. Hey there,

    really helpfull page :-).

    Does anybody know about applying for a meditation visa for Myanmar?? I need one in January. I’m still in Amsterdam though, might try to get one here, but I’ve got 3 days in BKK before I fly to Rangoon, so might try the Embassy in BKK.

    Any info would be helpfull :-)!

  61. Hi!
    Thanks for all those informations!
    As the phone numbers don’t work to reach the embassy, does anyone know if the embassy is open on friday, december the 30th?

  62. Visited the embassy today (Feb 13, 2012) and can confirm the following for business visa:

    Cost is 1440 baht for standard next-day pickup. No same day option for the business visa.

    You must bring two photos on a WHITE background. Copy/photo shop down the street is golden if you don’t have the right photos. I got my application form there too.

    If you work in Thailand you must bring both your original work permit and a photocopy of every page in the permit as well as a photocopy of your passport.

    They require a company invitation letter, and I was asked by the man at the counter how long I have worked for the company and what work I planned to do in Myanmar. I was not asked to provide any flight information.

    Finally, the line today was quite long. I arrived at 8:30 to find over 40 people in line. Contrary to what I read on other blogs and forums online, there seemed to be no “quota” on applications for the day. Everyone in line, at least up until I left at 10:20, was given a number for processing.

    Best of luck!

  63. We got our express visa yesterday, thanks to your tipps and the comments that were extremly helpful and still correct! It was very crowded, we got there 8:45 and waited until past 11:00.

    Important addition: for an express visa you need to show a confirmation of your flight that goes the next day! Otherways they send you away. (our iphone saved us)
    Good luck to everybody and thanks for the tipps! Boris

  64. Luke Pritchard says:

    As of today the info is still correct. Easy peasy. No hassle.
    Cheers for info.

  65. 8th June, 2012

    These incomplete tips cost me good money…anyhow thank you at least for the walking directions from skytrain.


    Visa application ONLY on mornings 9-12 (mon-fri, except holidays Myanmar AND Thai)

    Pick-up 15.30-16.30.

    Same day (Express) only if you got flight ticket but you can negotiate and they might do it (extra fee instead of 810 THB, return in TWO BUSINESS DAYS you pay 1260 THB. You can also order next day, that was something like 1020 THB).

    You need TWO photos of yourself and photocopy of your passport and filled application which you can get at the embassy.

    It’s single entry, for 28 days.


    Bonita Cafe And Social Club

    *As of today, M’s information is correct.
    *When Chris started to write about this, Chris’s information was all correct. We really appreciate Chris’s job. And, we also appreciate all the followers’ updates.

    *I have been to Myanmar many times. And, I have got visa in Bangkok many times.
    *Yesterday, I applied visa again, and I found a newly opened cafe, near Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok.
    *It is just 200m from Myanmar Embassy, on Pan Street.
    *This is their WEB, and you can get all the information.

    *This is a vegan cafe. Their drinks and foods are all healthy home-made vegan, but all kinds of people can enjoy their delicious taste.
    *They have air conditioner and free Wi-Fi, too.
    *The atmosphere is relaxing western antique style, and in this cafe’s small library, we can find around 20 books of Myanmar.
    *The price is not expensive at all, if we think about their quality.

    *When I had my breakfast at this cafe yesterday, there were some other travelers to Myanmar, too. And, we could exchange information.

    *The owner is a Thai lady, and she is very nice. She is a very helpful person. She is willing to support travelers to Myanmar.

    *Before, we could not find this kind of comfortable place near the Embassy, but with this, we can take a good rest and we can exchange information with other travelers.

    *They open from 8:00am, so it is a good idea to get cold drink, and be on the line in the heat outside of Myanmar Embassy. Or, after visa application, we can have a cold drink and breakfast. Or, we can wait for same-day-visa-collection at this cafe. We can ask them to keep our big luggage, so we can explore Bangkok, while waiting for our visa collection.

    *I had a very comfortable experience with them. So, I am writing this to support this cafe. Hope you can enjoy this cafe.

  67. Good info! Is it impossible to get into Myanmar (Burma) if I currently work in the Danish Military?

  68. I wouldn’t declare you are in the military – just write “logistics” or something equally bland that wont make them raise their eyebrows

  69. ana monteiro says:

    hello all, very interesting and usefull tips. Tkx. I am travelling to Bkk and someone had told me visa on arrival had been reinstated. trusted the info since it was given by someone who is usually well informed. will be in Bkk from july 23rd and travelling to Burma july 28th. since I will be there for work no chances I can go to the Embassy myself. Is all of the above still valid? appreciate all the help. feeling anxious right now since it´s too late to request London or Berlin. too tight. =(

  70. Hi Ana, as far as I know you still CANNOT get a visa on arrival in Myanmar if you are a tourist. It’s only available for business visas (for which you need a letter of invitation from a Myanmar company etc). You can read the full info re business visas here on the official Myanmar government website

  71. Also, you might want to try this travel agent in Bangkok who can do the Myanmar express visa service for you if you really can’t get away from work to go to the Embassy yourself. I have not used them so I cannot vouch for whether they are reliable, but they are on Sukhumvit soi 11 so very central and hopefully near your workplace

    If anyone else has recommendations for Bangkok travel agents that can process Myanmar visas, please leave a comment

  72. Hello, I am going to get a Myanmar visa in Bangkok in September. My passport is a bit battered with hardly any full pages left and some pages falling out. Does anyone know if this will be a problem? Thanks! Emily

  73. Hi Emily – I wouldn’t risk it if I were you. You will need one full page for your Myanmar visa, and then you will also need space for your Myanmar stamps plus your stamps going in and out of Thailand. (If you’re going to any other Asian countries, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam visas also take up 1 page each). The Myanmar authorities are notoriously fussy about paperwork being in order, and if your passport is really that battered that might refuse your visa. You might get away with it, but why take the risk?

  74. The article states that the embassy is open for applications from 9-12. Can I apply in the afternoon? I don’t mind waiting to collect until the next day (or even a few days for that matter).

  75. Thanks for all the information. I was wondering if it is possible for me to apply for both mine and my boyfriends visa without him being present? Also we are both teachers in Thailand do we need our work permits as well as our passport?

  76. Guys, excellent discussion, comes to give answers exactly when you need’em!! One question: we will be in BKK this November trying to get the visa for Myanmar following the exact procedure above! Some questions if anyone of you know, much appreciated:
    – is it still possible to take the visa the same day?
    – do you need to present the airplane ticket BKK to yangoon also when applying for visa?
    – how did you book your BKK to Yangoon tickets knowing that the Myanmar visa may be a question of 1 to 3 days? Are 3 days of staying in BKK enough?

    Thank you all, appreciate it!

  77. Emily, I agree with Chris, would recommend you get a replacement passport if you have time to do so as it’s likely you’ll have a problem otherwise. Most countries in Asia are very particular about the condition of passports and many (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia) use full page visas plus entry and exit stamps on separate pages. Burma is the most stringent so I’d try and arrange a new passport beforehand if you can.

  78. Oddvar Johansen says:

    I arranged for a visa from the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok, and had no problem at all! The embassy is located within walking distanse from Surasak skytrain station, as mentioned by others. The opening hours for surrendering your visa application is 9.00-12.00. Not 8,30, as some says. But there will be many people outside the door already by 8.00.
    If uou have no visa form, you wil get one at a thai store some two minutes down the same road as where the embassy is located. Turn right two times, and you find it! They will give you a form, and make a copy of your passport, which you will both need for your visa. They also have a place to sit filling in the form. Remember two pictures. If you have no pictures the same store will help you! Glue one picture to the form, and the other should be giving the official along with your form. It is for the visa in the passport, I think.
    The consulate opens 9.00, and you are entering a room with aircondition. You will have to line up to control the visa form, and then a new line for the actual remdering of the passport and visa form. You pay 810 baht, and will be asked to come back in two days to pick up your visa for 28 days. Alle pick-ups are done from 15,30-16,30.
    Easy, isn´t it? Remember that visa upon arival is only given to business people. Not possible for tourists.
    Remember, that if you want to have the visa done the same day, they will ask for proof of you airticket.

  79. Hey there, can somebody help? I read above that you have to enter with your 28 day visa WITHIN 3 MONTHS and not as stated earlier within 1 month??? I have to know it, cause I will apply in Bangkok on October 2nd and will fly to Myanmar on NOvember 4th. Do you know exactly???

  80. Hi Petra – yes, it appears the Myanmar embassy is now issuing visas that have a three month validity before entering the country. See this recent thread on Lonely Planet’s Thorntree forum

    I’d be sure to tell the officials that you need the three month validity rather than one month when you make your visa application, just to be safe. Have a great trip

  81. Does anyone know what time the copy shop (where you get the application forms) opens? I’ll be heading there on Monday morning.

  82. Great thread – thanks Chris and everyone who contributed.I am planning to go to Myanmar via Bangkok mid November this year. The Embassy in Berlin informs that tourist visas would take min. 4 weeks (!) excl. mailing time. As I will be traveling and needing my passport before leaving there will definitely not be enough time to get the visa from them in time. I got two questions:
    1. Is there any problem for a German citizen to get a visa in Bangkok – given that Myanmar has got an Embassy in Berlin?
    2. With regards to the visa application form they request: I downloaded the ones from the Berlin and the London Embassy (interestingly enough they slightly differ). However, these are both one-pagers – an earlier comment said that a 2-page form was required in Bangkok. Does anyone know whether the Bangkok Embassy would accept these forms or is there any way to download the specific one for Bangkok? I’d rather have it filled out upfront. Thanks!

  83. wolfgang,
    1. You will have no problem as a German citizen in Bangkok. I just got my visa there last week and was in line with a German woman when I picked it up. She had no issues.
    2. I would just get the form at the copy shop mentioned in this thread. It only takes a few minutes to fill out.
    Although most of the info is already in this thread, here’s a link to my experience there last week, including a map location of the copy shop:

  84. thx ryan – much appreciated!

  85. hello,

    is it still possible to get the myanmar visa from bkk in the same day? i’ll arrive in bkk on november 15th, and my flight for yangoon is on november 15th.


  86. sorry, my flight for yangoon is on november 19th

  87. Dan Colby says:

    Just got a visas on Tuesday the 16th (American and wife Thai)with no problems. Got to the embassy at 945, got a form from them and sat down, filled it out in less than 5 minutes. Got in line for window 4 who checked everything, got a number and stood in line for window 2, turned in papers and asked if I wanted visa today or later in the week. Told them today, no problem, just paid 1260 Baht each. Total time from walking in the front door to leaving, 20 minutes, great service. Went back at 3PM (door opens at 330) Doors opened, walked to window 2, picked up both visas and out, less than 5 mintues. Our visas are good from today for 3 months but only for 28 days in country. Other embassies should see how these folks do business, easy and quick.

  88. thanks ,dan

  89. Hi Chris and all readers, just a quick update/some tips:

    1. Embassy is open from 9:00-12:00 for visa application. Visa collection is now from 15:30-16:30. The afternoon opening hours appear to have been limited to that now (the other hours which were 13:00-15:00 are taped off with black tape).
    2. I got there at 8:30 on Wednesday (24th Oct) and there was already a queue about 30 meters long. I asked the first people in the queue what time they had started queuing. They said 6:30am. So I guess if you want to be in the front bit of the queue you should be there by around 7:00am. The doors opened at 9:00am sharp. I found the people at the embassy friendly and fast by the way.
    3. Rather than wait for the embassy to open to get the forms, arrive early and then walk 100m down the street until you see a yellow sign indicating copy shop. This is in a small alley. There you can have your passport and tickets copied for a few baht (I paid 12 I think for 3 copies). The good thing is, they have aircon, and they have the forms. So you can sit down at their table, and fill out the forms, stick your passport photos on, etc. and be completely ready when you enter the embassy – it sucks if you have to get forms and queue again. This little shop provides an excellent service.
    Cheers :-)

  90. Chris – just thinking, this is a great article but the comments thread is getting too long to read. Perhaps you can do a rewrite of the article with updated info and close this comments thread? Just an idea.. And thanks for putting this article up – it was great help. Cheers :-)

  91. Hi George – thanks for the comprehensive update – incredibly useful. Agreed about the comment thread getting too long – cheers, Chris

  92. I read they have electronic visa to Burma.
    Is that a good option?

  93. hi.. i m US citizen, born in Myanmar.. i m going to myanmar from new york.. i got visa from nyc – Myanmar.. then i m going to visit thailand for 4 days. and i need to apply for visa again to go back to myanmar.. what documents and how many photos do i need to bring to apply for visa in thailand? please if anyone knows, thanks alot..

  94. Hi! Do I need a proof of plane ticket to Myanmar? If I would like to get a normal visa not an express visa?

  95. i applied for an express visa this morning. got there at around 9, and the queue was 50 meter long already, but the embassy workers proceeded us quite quickly. the girl in the line before me waited there since 7 a.m., but was only 5 minutes earlier ready than me, so i guess it doesnt make a lot of sense going there super early. the embassy staff was friedly, although i had a hard time understanding the girl behind the counter (i had to ask her 4 or 5 time until i got her meaning). the already mentioned copy shop is still there, cheap and friednly and got everything you need including glue and scissors and a comfy table and chairs.
    price for the express visa is 1260 baht, and you can pick it up between 3.30 and 4.30. they asked me to present my plane ticket when i pick up my passport.
    if you want to wait in the area until afternoon there is a nice cafe, just walk down the embassy strett (where you wait in line), pass by the family mart, right hand site. had a club sandwich there (79 baht) which was exellent. they also have real nice salads and soups there (everything below 100 baht), freshly made. iced coffe etc. and air con & wifi. and nice jazz music. yeah. jazz.

  96. I wanted to fly to Myanmar from BKK last friday and I can confirm there is no way to get a visa on arrival (visa exemption). I had to move the flight for a few days back and obtain the tourist visa in BKK.

  97. Forgot to mention, I was flying from Don Mueang via NOK Air.

  98. Status quo 19.1.2015: when I arrived at 8:15, there were about 40 people in line already. I was finished around 10am and when I exited, the line was twice as long outside and of course continuing in the building. So maybe around 100 people at that time. It’s main season now, so I was glad I was there early.
    They were super fast with the processing and didn’t ask for proof of flight tickets.
    Visa for the next day was 1035 baht.

  99. Dominika says:

    Just got my Express visa Today..
    Forgot to take photos, but no worry, there are loads of places on Pan street where you can take them.. 8 for 150 baht
    I was worried about queuing up and overslept my alarm clock, so I got to the embassy at 10.20 and there were people, yes, but I took a queue ticket (number 28 for tourist visas), filled in the form (you can get glue for free with the form guy, or 35 baht wthi the photocopy lady haha) and went to get some juice down the road.. Came back and I was almost next… So altogether the process took approximately 25 minutes. Keep in mind it is low season (July).
    For the express visa they didn’t want to see flights! Plus I had this whole story made up on why I want an express visa, and they didn’t even ask.
    I came back around 3.35pm and I waited about 15 minutes in the queue to pick up my passport. I walked by again around 4.25pm and peeked in, there was nobody there. So could have easily waited until past 4pm.
    Anyway, thanks for the tips Chris, it was super easy!

  100. Thanks for the extremely helpful update Dominika!

  101. Would appreciate if someone could inform how quick the turn around is for a Business visa at the Myanmar Embassy Bangkok?

  102. e-visa couln’t download photo . Both options i was given did not work. So i had to go to Embassy in Bangkok .thanks for advise.

  103. Me again. Went to Embassy about 10 am . No queue. Helpful assistant at door. 10 minutes total . Returned at 3.30 to pick up visa. No queue again. Easy

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